Ocean Models Mailing List

We host a mailing list for practictioners of marine species distribution models at the University of Rhode Island. We hope that this becomes an excellent resource for the sharing of best practice, new research, grant funding calls and queries. The mailing list is a bulletin-board-type listerv list to which you can subscribe if you are interested in any aspect of marine species distribution models. You will receive postings (email messages) sent to the list by other people and you in turn can post messages to the list. The list is moderated by Andrew Davies, University of Rhode Island via a server using listserver protocols (listserv.uri.edu). To avoid the mailing list being spammed, the moderator will review your request to join, and approve postings from first-time posters etc.

Posting rules:

  • As a matter of courtesy, you should give your full name (not just "Brian" or "Emma"), and, if you are a student, you should say "undergraduate" or "postgraduate" or "PhD student".
  • You should also supply an address, generally an institutional address, but if you do not belong to an institution you can use your home address in a general way (e.g., "New York, USA").
  • Do not post general greetings, including New Year greetings, nor Christmas or other festive greetings.
  • You should not sent out generic requests, such as "Send me all you the papers about deep-sea corals." A simple search of Google will provide you with such information.
  • Keep attachments small, otherwise they may be rejected by the list.
  • Do not send out requests for PDFs or reprints (offprints). Seek the author's e-mail address on Google and write to him or her, or use ResearchGate/Google Scholar.

How to guides:

  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe to the list: You can subscribe and unsubscribe by clicking this link. Or you can send an email to listserv@listserv.uri.edu with no subject and JOIN OCEANMODELS in the body of the email, likewise you can send the command SIGNOFF OCEANMODELS to leave the list, or send an email to OCEANMODELS-signoff-request@LISTSERV.URI.EDU. The unsubscribe link is also provided at the foot of each email set from the list.
  • Send a message to the list: To send a message to all current subscribers in the list, send an email to OCEANMODELS@LISTSERV.URI.EDU.
  • List archives: You can access the list archives here
  • Questions or correspondence about the list: The list owner can be contacted via OCEANMODELS-request@LISTSERV.URI.EDU.