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Marine species distribution modeling is an increasingly adopted approach that is capable of enhancing our understanding of the distribution of species and the environments in which they exist. The site is currently an unfunded effort that is under development.

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Understanding the drivers that control the distribution of species and habitats is a fundamental requirement for conservation and management, particularly when predicting their response to anthropogenic stressors including climate change. Over the last decade, the use of species distribution modeling in the marine environment has proliferated, driven largely by 1) an increased accessibility of distributional data, 2) global datasets of environmental predictors, 3) a diversity of modeling tools and 4) increased demands by managers and conservationists to be better informed about the distribution of species now and into the future.

Ocean Models is designed to aggregate information on Marine Species Distribution Models, including a database of published modeling projects, their data, code and outputs. This is currently an unfunded and community-driven project, if you wish to contribute please see the Contribute page if you wish to contribute your study to OceanModels.